MTC Memorandum Circulars 2002
Number Date Issued Title
23 Aug 22 Implementing Guidelines for Issue of Certificates and/or Documentary Evidence
22 Aug 1 Guidelines on the Qualification of Auditor/s undertaking the Independent Audit of Maritime Training Centers as required under 1978 STCW Convention, as amended
21 July 3 IMO/MSC Guidelines for Shore-Based Maintenance of Satellite
20 June 20 Further Guidelines in the Application for Accreditation of Course Programs as Prescribed in MTC Resolution No. 03, Series of 1998
19 June 5 National Congress of Maritime Education Training
18 June 5 Submission of Quality System’s Policy and Procedures Manual to the MTC Secretariat
17 May 17 Training Schedules for Simulator Instructors’ Training Course at the Philippines Merchant Marine Academy
16 Apr 9 Submission of Enrollment and Course  Completion Reports by the Maritime Training Council
15 Mar 20 Training Schedules for IMO Model Courses 6.09 and 3.12 of the National Maritime Polytechnic
14 Apr 4 Diagram of High expansion Foam Generator and Three-sided Brick Tray
13 Mar 8 Projected Training Schedule for the Year-2002
12 Feb 26 Submission of Assessor’s Information Sheet and Designated Internal Verifier
11-A Apr 18 Amendments to the Approved Form of Training Certificates
11 Feb 26 Approved Form for Training Certificates
10 Feb 26 The Use of MTC Inspection Checklist
9 Feb 26 Guidelines for Conduct of Refresher Course under MTC Memorandum Circular No. 3, Series of 2002
8 Feb 26 Application for Issue of Documentary Evidence in Basic Safety for New Entrants under 1987 STCW Convention, as amended
7 Feb 7 Implementation of Qualification Standards for Instructors Conducting Training with Use of Simulators
6 Feb 6 Replacement of Lost of Damaged Certificates/ Documentary Evidence
5 Feb 1 Submission of Monthly Schedule of Accredited Training Ship
4 Jan 31 Revised Guidelines in the Assessment of Seafarers Competence in Training Centers in Accordance with the Requirements of Resolution No. 3, Series of 1998
3 Jan 25 Revised Guidelines for the Issue of Documentary Evidence in Basic Safety Training under Regulation VI/1 of the STCW Convention, as amended
2 Jan 5 Adoption of Revised MTC Forms (Form 2B and 2C)
1 Jan 12 Adoption of General Tanker Familiarization under the Revised IMO Model Course 1.01

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To maintain the status of the Philippines as the major provider of qualified and competent seafarers in the world maritime labor market


To ensure quality education and training for Filipino seafarers and develop a seafaring workforce who are duly certificated, globally competent and compliant to national and international standards and thus aid the country's maritime sector and industry