As required by the 1978 STCW Convention, as amended, junior level officers (Third Mates, Second Mates, Fourth Engineer Officers and Third Engineer Officers) are required to undergo a management level training program to be eligible for certification as management level officers (Masters, Chief Mates, Second Engineer and Chief Engineers).

The Convention’s requirement is in line with the emerging market trend and development: the inevitable need of the industry for more senior/management level officers that foreign principals would require with the launching of new ships in the next five years.

As a complying Party to the Convention, the Philippines, through the MTC approved for implementation the management level training program and a revised management level course curriculum in 2005. In 2006, the MTC began the evaluation of applications from course providers in the private sector. Parallel to this program, the MTC had started conducting the training program for instructors that would be designated to teach management level courses. The MTC also started the development of the assessment instrument for the said course. The following are the Maritime Training Providers accredited by Maritime Training Council:

  1. Eastgate Maritime Training Center, Inc. - ( Deck)
  2. FSC Training Center, Inc. - (Deck)
  3. Far-East Martime Foundatin Inc.- Manila -(DECK and Engine)
  4. Intership Navigation Training Center- (Deck and Engine)
  5. Magsaysay Training Center-(Deck)
  6. Maritech Maritime Training Studies and Manning Services- (Deck)
  7. New Simulator Center of the Philippines (Deck and Engine)
  8. Norwegian Training Center-(Deck and Engine)
  9. NYK-Fil Maritime E-Training (Deck and Engine)
  10. Protect Marine Deck and Engineer officers of the Philippines, Inc.(Deck and Engine)
  11. Sandigan Maritime Training, Inc. -(Deck and Engine)
  12. Excellence and Competency Training Center - (Deck and Engine)
  13. Philippine Center for Advanced Maritime Simulation and Training, Inc. - (Deck and Engine)
  14. ZRC Training Center Philippines, Inc. - (Engine)
  15. Far-East Maritme Foundation Inc. - Cebu - (Engine)
  16. Protect Marine and Engine Officer of the Philippines INC. - Cebu - (Deck)



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